24/7 Emergency Response

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Loss of power can happen suddenly. A summer storm, or high winds, or a simple fault in the lines can quite literally leave you in the dark. When the worst happens, we’re here to help.

Solar panel electrics in need of emergency electrical repair.
Electrical cabling and switches are in need of emergency repair.

Rapid Response Time

We have licensed electricians ready to come to you at a moment’s notice. Don’t wait 24 hours or even longer for someone to come and fix your electrical problem. Give our 24-hour emergency electricians a call, and we’ll be there to ensure you’re up and running as soon as possible.

24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

Electrical emergencies can happen at any time, but it’s never convenient. Whether it’s 2 pm or 2 am, we have a licensed master electrician available. With our rapid response and our focus on quality work and fantastic customer service, we’ll have your power restored, or your fault fixed so you can get back to working or just living your life.

Fair Pricing

We detail our call out fee upfront, and set it at a flat rate so you’ll know precisely what the initial costs are straight away. Our electrician will then assess the job on site and advise on the costs to fix the problem.

There are no hidden fees or extra surcharges because it’s an emergency electrical job, and all costs will be fully disclosed to you before we start any work. Our qualified and licensed electricians ensure the job is done well, saving you additional work in the long run.

Expert Services

We’re experts in our field and are fully qualified to fault find and repair electrical issues. Having an electrical problem at home or in your office simply isn’t safe. That’s why we’ll come to you quickly to help you resolve your electrical emergency. And our work meets or surpasses every industry standard so you get the best results in the safest way possible.

Electrical emergency

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Call us today and we’ll provide an obligation-free quote on your electrical installation and maintenance. No stress, no pressure. Just the best price and guaranteed quality.

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