Repairs & Maintenance

Damaged or broken electrical systems are not just inconvenient, but can also be dangerous. Whether it’s replacing broken light fittings or updating an outdated switchboard, these are important tasks that need to be carried out by a licensed and experienced electrician safely and according to all regulations and protocols.

Our years of experience and expertise allows us to diagnose faults and breakdowns and provide you with long lasting and effective solutions. 

Emergency Breakdowns

Sometimes you might have a sudden or full loss of power, or maybe an incident that causes all the electronics to blow at once. These can be caused by storms, heavy winds or even lighting strikes. But when the worst happens, we’re here to help.

24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Service

We’re available for 24-hours, 7-days-a-week emergency electrical services on Brisbane’s southside. When there’s an emergency, you don’t want to be waiting hours and hours or even days to get your business back up and running, or the lights back on at home. We’ll come to you as quickly as possible, and resolve your issue in as short a timeframe as possible.


Brightlite Electrical Services offers a highly standardised and regular electrical maintenance service. Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring that your electrical equipment and systems are meeting the latest standards and regulations and are operating safely. No matter the quality of a product or system, over time equipment and installation can become faulty. Repairs must be made or you could be at risk for a fire or other dangerous outcome.

With regular checks our experts can find and highlight early indications of failures to avoid any risk to safety or costly damages. Whether it’s replacing light bulbs, to full rewiring, we’re trained to carry out all the maintenance services you need.

We also make sure that we’re always up-to-date with the latest innovations, requirements and regulations so we can ensure that you are as well.

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What Our Clients Say

We will be using Brightlite Electrical again!
Great work from Tas and his apprentice. We’re DIYing a kitchen and he provided very helpful advice for us newbies regards the processes involved. Upgraded our wiring which was in dire need of. We’ll be seeking Tas’ services again for all the electrical work we’ll need to complete our house reno.
Prompt & professional customer service!
Called brightlite electrical up to find out why my lights were out, and they were there within half hour of calling, other place I called was going to take a week to fix, was a pleasure having the guys here were professional and did a great service and didn't cost an arm and a leg, thanks guys will be calling you again in the future for any other problems!
Great & affordable!
Excellent workmanship, prompt and efficient service. Great value for money.

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